Aug 18, 2023

Today I am talking about my favourite aspect of my job, “how to treat Acne”. Being able to help people that are suffering from this debilitating condition is the most rewarding element of my work.    

Traditionally acne is graded 1-5, but I find this method completely useless. How I approach acne is in the three ways you treat it.  

Comedogenic acne

This is caused by surges of hormones; the result is an increased amount of thickened sebum which clogs the pores and leads to congestion on the skin surface. This will be characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples along with a general shiny appearance. Getting this type of acne under control is extremely easy. We use Advance Nutrition Programme Accumax supplements to support our treatment programmes which are the game changer, with the right treatment programme this can be turned around relatively quickly. Think exfoliation and extraction, microdermabrasion is my favourite treatment method here, other useful methods can include salicylic, enzyme or AHA peels (always check with provider as all concentrations and mixes of acids are different).   

Inflamed acne 

This is characterised by red, angry, tender, inflamed cysts/pustules. The skin will be very sensitive and sore. This is to be dealt with in a completely different way and important you know what you’re doing when treating this type of condition, although still very treatable!! This skin is aggravated, distressed, and very unbalanced in PH and microbes. Reduce inflammation and balance the bacteria, useful methods include anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, pre and pro-biotic, Vitamin A, and LED light Therapy (we use Dermalux) and of course supplementation (Advance Nutrition Programme Accumax). This can be caused by food intolerances, intestinal permeability, chronic stress, weakened immune system.   

My advice asks your clients to start logging their food/ stress/ emotional state and sleep, this is where keeping a log is going to be extremely important as something is triggering it. Log food, stress/ emotional levels and how well you slept, along with when you are getting your flare ups. Wait for a pattern to emerge.   

Excoriated acne

This is characterised by red or grey marks (macules) on the surface, there is no sign of bacteria or inflammation, or even many blackheads. This is down to a slow healing skin, and poor cellular turnover and your client is likely to be a picker. The marks are left behind from a lesion that should have come and gone, but instead the mark has stuck around and is creating an appearance of acne. Think about feeding the skin full of vitamins and increasing the cellular turnover, anti-oxidants, Vitamin A,C,E, enzymatic peels and LED light therapy, and encourage your client to take better care of themselves in terms of quality of sleep, fruit and vegetables, water intake and stress levels as poor healing skin can be a reflection of overall all health. 


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