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Our skin academy approach is to teach skincare knowledge, teamed with business, marketing, and strategic thinking, to transform your skincare treatments and overall performance.

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I’ve always believed if you live right, then once is enough.

I'm Hollie Simpson, OSA Founder. For over 20 years, I have worked in a clinic treating skin and I believe poor skin is due to an array of different factors, internal and external. Therefore, skin needs to be approached in a multi-modality way to achieve a result which is life-changing for many.

As a skincare professional, I believe beautiful skin is not found at the end of a syringe, and is creating a movement of a syringe-free approach to treatment programmes, which is focused on developing outcomes for the consumer.



"I can’t recommend Our Skin Academy enough, Hollie is an inspiration and her wealth of knowledge and expertise shows through the Skin Practitioner and Mastermind course. Having taught in a college environment myself the input is very basic to what Hollie goes through on her course. If you want to specialise in skincare this is the course for you! It really has scaled my business up significantly. Not only has Hollie helped me level up my business but she has helped me gain confidence too! I will really miss the group you become a little community and it’s so nice to speak to others in the business that can help you and share ideas. I can’t wait to do more courses! Thank you so much Hollie"

Louise Tombs

"I loved the Skin Practitioners course. It was interesting and fun and loved every lesson! I now feel so much more confident in helping my clients with their skin. It has really helped me choose the direction that my business is going in, and what sort of treatments I want to offer along with what my business stands for. I feel I can offer clients a much higher quality service that is unique for them and I’m very much looking forward to starting this new journey. Hollie is a lovely person and has so much knowledge that I just know I wouldn’t have got anywhere else!! If you want to learn about all the stuff they don’t teach you in standard beauty courses, this is for you!! Thanks so much Hollie"

Gemma Halder
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